I have always been creative from a very young age, winning multiple art awards and painting with artists in their studios outside of school hours. Experiencing much heartache after the loss of my father and brother during my middle school years, I was unsure where my place was in the world with my creative abilities until I received early acceptance into two University Bachelor Degrees. Finding my direction I followed my creative heart which led me through the doors of Art Design, working for some of the largest firms for Australasia. I never felt complete until I began to raise my own little family. Unfortunately my husband then passed and I was left to question my place in this world once again. At my lowest of lows my daughter encouraged me to paint once again "This is what we do" she said, as she placed a paint brush in my hand. So I got up and if it was a flick of a rag, a throw of paint or a stroke of a brush; I was there in the thick of an enchanting meditative state that I get ever so lost in. I sometimes set my alarm to remember to wash up and call it a day. It is an amazing feeling knowing I'm creating something that will bring good energy, warmth, healing or a smile to a room. I see the vision so clearly from the beginning. That old cliche that art heals the world is not incorrect. Art does move the world and in-turn does heal it. It has in turn healed me and the feeling of joy overcomes me simply knowing I might do this for others with my art.
~ Tracy Thomas



Tracy Thomas (b. 1982, Sydney, Australia) is a artist working in Lake Macquarie, Australia. Since graduating from the University of Western Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts (Design), Thomas has been recognised for her accomplishments in art and community contribution with mention in the Parliament of New South Wales by Mr Greg Piper. Thomas has received several prestigious awards including winning the The International Emerging Artist Award, Dubai; Lake Macquarie Artist & Creator Award and AusMumprenuer Award. Her works have been exhibited with The Other Art Fair Sydney, published in multiple art books, news articles and featured on multiple episodes of Bargain Mansions US TV Show on HGTV. 

Thomas creates her works in a contemporary abstract and impressionist style.
'I look forward to this ever expanding artistic journey. I'm hugely thankful to my community and art tribe that follows my daily movements from all over the world. Forever grateful!’ 
Tracy Thomas

Oil Paintings



- 2024 Collaboration with Movinbeds
- 2023 The Hunter Local Business Awards Finalist

- 2023 Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Award Finalist

- 2022 The Mac Museum Exhibit

- 2022 Lake Macquarie Open Studios

- 2022 Magzoid Magazine Dubai U.A.E business leaders feature

- 2021 The Other Art Fair Sydney

- 2021 Winner Bronze Award Ausmumpreneur Awards

- 2021 Finalist Ausmumpreneur Awards

- 2021 Community Recognition Statement By Greg Piper MP in Australian Parliament of NSW

- 2021 Finalist Lake Macquarie Awards

- 2020 Lake Macquarie City Council Open Studios Tour

- 2020 Bargain Mansions US TV Show on HGTV with Tamara Day Stylist Season 3, Episode 7 Artwork Feature

- 2020 Bargain Mansions US TV Show on HGTV with Tamara Day Stylist Season 3, Episode 4 Artwork Feature

- 2020 Winner Lake Mac Awards for Lake Mac Artist and Excellence in Creative Production

- 2020 Finalist Lake Macquarie Awards

- 2019 Lake Macquarie City Council News Feature for LMOST2019

- 2019 Collaboration Cherie Barber

- 2019 Featured The Block Television Advertising Preview

- 2018 Creative Achievement Awards

- 2017 Finalist Global Art Awards, Dubai

- 2017 Finalist of Local Business Awards Arts, Australia

- 2017 Finalist of Australian Small Business Champion Awards

- 2016 Winner of International Emerging Artist 'Immerse' AT THE BEACH, United Arab Emirates, Dubai

- 2016 Winner of Local Business Award Arts, Australia

- 2016 Finalist Outstanding Business Person of the Year, Australia

- 2016 Finalist of Local Business Award Arts, Australia

- 2016 Published in Best of IEAA

- 2016 Published in Contemporary Art of Excellence Vol II

- 2015 Published in Amazing Australian Artists