My studio (Sydney, Australia) consists of paint, paint brushes, the smell of freshly open canvas and two little loves dangling from my feet. Little Miss Sunshine and Mr Happy who bring the joyous vibrant energy to my studio days.

I didn't expect the interest to be so large instantly, when releasing to Facebook in 2014. That type of hit the ground running, say yes and figure it out along the way kind of feeling was real. I recall many asking how i even got anything else done along with having small children. I would laugh it off and say 'I don't sleep', unfortunately this is slightly true. Being awake when the opposite side of the world is, gave me the sight to look internationally as well as locally. My eyes have only started to open to this crazy possibility when a New York Gallery emailed me for the first time. I now believe anything is possible, as long as you have some vibrant colourful paint, great music and soul food people around you. Just say Yes and never stop learning as you go.  

Artwork below is of my daughter when she was younger. #myinspiration