Tracy Thomas (b. 1982, Sydney, Australia) is a painter and artist living and working in Lake Macquarie, Australia. Since graduating from the University of Western Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts (Design), Thomas has been recognised for her accomplishments in art and community contribution with recent mention in the Parliament of New South Wales by Mr Greg Piper. Thomas has received several prestigious awards, including winning the 2020 Lake Macquarie Artist & Creator Award and The International Emerging Artist Award, Dubai 2016.Her works have been published in multiple art books, news articles and featured on Bargain Mansions US TV Show on HGTV. Thomas creates her works in a contemporary abstract and impressionist style.

"I've been the artist for as long as I can remember. Artistic creation has always been my escape. I've experienced much loss but found so much life through my art. It has forever been my solace."

Ms Thomas has now taken her acrylic paintings to the digital market place as her portfolio will incorporate her full capabilities as an artistic creator.


The Humming Bird NFT #1 By Tracy Thomas Art

The Hummingbird
When a hummingbird appears near you they are reflecting the positive side of life by showing the joy in small things. It’s important you honour the small things in life and let go of the heavy toxic ones. Be more present. The hummingbird is tireless in its pursuit for finding sweetness.

The Way You Make Me Feel 2021 #2 By Tracy Thomas Art

The Way You Make Me Feel
If my heart did skip a beat, it would be lost in a world of flutter.

Seeing Free
Seeing clearly felt freer than running with wind in my hair. It was a moment of bravery that took me out of the clouded haze that was left. I had new breath, new courage and seeing free scope of life's once again.