Tracy Thomas Art is an Australian based studio run by none other than Tracy Thomas herself. The studio is filled with music, dancing, movement and flare. Her abstract expressionist artworks are an array of flirting deliciously energised colours that have evolved from a heroic saddened past. Her Art Design background with Dutch Australian influence has brought forward a mystical evolve of contemporary abstract art. 
Swirling flicking dancing as she pores paint and flicks a rag against the canvas, almost channeling energy from all around her
'I wish to bring colourful vibrant positive energy to be the heart of every home!'
Her work is often sold prior to completion straight from studio, as her viewers watch her social pages as she creates. Tracy is gathering a reasonable following on her Socials, enough to greet her followers as 'my tribe'. Tracy has a Bachelor of Arts (design) degree and has sold into the thousands, Won an International Emerging Artist Award in Dubai, Won several local awards, Published in several Art books and News articles. 
'I look forward to this ever expanding artistic journey. I am forever in love with the process. I'm hugely thankful to my community and my tribe that follows me. Forever grateful!’ Tracy Thomas

Finalist Lake Macquarie Awards 2021
Lake Macquarie City Council Open Studios Tour
Bargain Mansions US TV Show on HGTV with Tamara Day Stylist Season 3, Episode 7 - Artwork Feature 
Bargain Mansions US TV Show on HGTV with Tamara Day Stylist Season 3, Episode 4 - Artwork Feature 
Winner Lake Mac Awards for Lake Mac Artist and Excellence in Creative Production 2020
Finalist Lake Macquarie Awards 2020
Lake Macquarie City Council News Feature for LMOST2019
Collaboration Cherie Barber 2019
Featured The Block
NSW Creative Achievement Awards, 2018
Finalist Global Art Awards, Dubai 2017
Finalist of Local Business Awards Arts, Australia 2017
Finalist of Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2017
Winner of International Emerging Artist 'Immerse' AT THE BEACH, United Arab Emirates, Dubai 2016 
Winner of Local Business Award Arts, Australia 2016
Finalist Outstanding Business Person of the Year, Australia 2016
Finalist of Local Business Award Arts, Australia 2016
Published in Best of IEAA 2016
Published in Contemporary Art of Excellence Vol II 2016
Published in Amazing Australian Artists 2015